World War I


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This page shows F. Luis Mora's Red Cross oils, illustrations and posters that are in the initial stages of being compiled. Page 2 shows posters and billboards that Mora painted to be reproduced by the Fourth Liberty Loan Board.

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Thine is the Glory, oil on canvas, 108 x 64 inches, 1919. The Red Cross Museum, Washington, D.C.  Major Joseph Kitchell compiled hundreds of photos, and F. Luis Mora painted this as a composite of the Red Cross nurses who cared for World War I soldiers.








World War I Red Cross, 1918, 47 3/4 x 60 in., Oil on canvas. Reproduced as poster that is in the collection of the New York Historical Society.




Children's Year, 1918.  Oil on canvas, 33 x 46 inches, signed lower right.  Restored by Yost Conservation, Oxford CT.

This oil painting was reproduced as a poster and published by The United States Childrens' Bureau and the Women's Committee of the Council of National Defense.  It was subsequently published by the United States Health Department in 1939. 



World War I, page 2, click here.