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F. LUIS MORA (1874-1940)

A Legacy Reconsidered

Source Materials used for this site 

Primary Sources:

F. Luis Mora notebooks, 1899 to 1922, Smithsonian Archives of American Art.

 Letters, other materials, and photographic plates stored by the artistís family.

Interviews with the artistís niece, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time.

 Interviews with three children of Dr. Nelson Hume, the artistís lifelong friend.  Nelson Hume was Headmaster of the Canterbury School, New Milford, Connecticut, and Best Man at the artist's wedding in 1932..

 Public and Private Records:

Art Students League:  exhibition record archives and paintings.

Boston Museum School of Art: class records.

National Academy of Design: archives and paintings.

Salmagundi Club:  archives. 

Smithsonian Museum: World War I poster archives

U.S. Commerce Department wage and price data


Publications with illustrations by F. Luis Mora, various issues from 1895 to 1940:

                                                          The Art Digest                                                          
Literary Digest
New York Tribune (now The NY Times)
Red Cross Magazine
Womenís Home Companion
The Century

Collierís Magazine

Harperís National Weekly

Harperís Roundtable

Harperís Bazar (sic)

Ladies Home Journal

 Books and reference volumes

Artists of the Litchfield Hills, Robert Michael Austin, Mattatuck Museum, 2003.  

Benezit Directory of Painters and Designers, Editions Grund, 1999 (in French).

 Biographical Gallery of Spanish artists of the 19th Century, M. OSSORIO Y BERNARD, Madrid, Moreno and Rojas (in Spanish)

 Galleries of the Exposition (Pan-Pacific Exposition, San Francisco), Eugen Neuhaus, Paul Elder and Company, 1915.

 One Hundred Years of Painting in Spain and Portugal  (1830-1930) Ed. Antiqvaria S.A. Madrid, 4th volume, 1986 (in Spanish)

 Who was Who in American Art, Peter Falk, Sound View Press, 1999.


Other sources:

PW Daily for Booksellers, Jan 27, 2003. 

The New York Times Database and other databases provided by Yale University Libraries.


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