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Salome, 1899, oil on canvas, 72 x 36 inches.  Private collection. (Note, there are numerous figures and decorations in the background, not visible in this photo.)

When last seen, the oil was housed in a new 5"-wide hand-carved distressed wood frame with gold leaf applied decorations. 

This painting was catalogued and exhibited at ACA Galleries in 2005, and prior to that it was exhibited in 1908 at the Macbeth Gallery.  Just before  the ACA show, it was restored and stretched by Yost Conservation in Oxford, CT. 







In Costume,  1914, oil on canvas, 72 x 52 inches
Purchased 1915, National Gallery of Canada (no. 1152.) Exhibited, The National Academy of Design, 1915








Portrait of Jeanne Cartier, in Cole Porter’s See America First., oil on canvas, 72 x 36 inches, 1916. Collection, Yale Art Gallery  (Note, scan of catalogue photo.) Exhibited, National Academy of Design 1917, Yale Art Gallery 2004

 The Yale Art Gallery, which owns this painting in its collections, makes these observations: 

“Silhouetted at life size against a curtain backdrop, the vivacious dancer in iridescent costume holds castanets in outstretched arms and wears a toreador hat.  The painting reveals Mora’s admiration for full-length portraits by Spanish masters like Velazquez in  the vigorous rendering of flattened forms.  The faint illusion of three-dimensional space ultimately depends on the pointed placement of her satin shoe in the foreground.” 







Isadora Duncan, pastel on paper, approx. 17 x 18 inches. Collection, Hood Museum, Dartmouth College.  This is probably a study for the oil painting with this image which will also be catalogued.




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