World War I, p.2


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This page has a sampling of Mora's paintings that were reproduced as posters and billboards by the Fourth Liberty Loan Board.   The Board's letter sent to the artist is on the bottom of this page.


 Our Answer to Flanders Fields, gouache on paper 30 x 20 inches, signed lower right. 

 In homage to the poet and physician John McCrae, Mora painted poppies among the grave sites.  Poppies were used to make morphine, the pain-killer for wounded soldiers.  Poppies grow where there are no competing plants. The whole Western front consisted of churned up soil. In May 1915, when McCrae wrote his poem, around him blood-red poppies bloomed where nobody had ever before seen them. (Credit, The Flanders Fields Museum.)





FOLLOW EVERY LINE WITH FOOD, Gouache and watercolor on paper, artist-made undermat, 16 x 19 inches , painted area 11 X 16 inches, Signed lower left, titled, inscribed and stamped





LEND THE WAY THEY FIGHT, BUY BONDS TO THE UTMOST, Gouache and watercolor on paper, 10 X 21 INCHES, In archival mat and gilt frame, total size 15 x 27 inches, Signed lower left, titled, stamped. Private Collection.




They Help Each Other, Gouache, heightened white and watercolor on grey-green paper, 25 x 19 inches, Signed lower left and stamped on verso. Private Collection.